It’s hard to imagine that you one day should be able to enjoy after skiing in Copenhagen. Nevertheless, this is now the case with the opening of the new Amager Ressource Center, also known as Copenhill. All Remove has protected the new huge heat and power waste-to-energy plant against graffiti.

The capacity is 1.500 people on Copenhagen’s new ski slope. Besides skiing on the dry ski mat surface, people can also climb, walk or even run to the top. But with many people a risk of having graffiti is present. 

Anti-graffiti with full power
Due to this fact the city’s new supplier of power and district heating decided to protect the ski slope against graffiti. And it was a huge job. Copenhill is an enormous steel giant. It’s 85 meters high and is constructed with 7.500 tons of steel and covered by around 1.500 concrete elements.

All the way to the top
All Remove employees had to go for a serious walk to anti-graffiti coat the numerous steel plates placed along the stairs from top to bottom. However, they made it in time and was finished before the opening on October 4th 2019.

The new recreation area is now protected against graffiti vandalism and can attract and amuse the many future guests coming to Copenhill for skiing, climbing, walking, running, eating, enjoying the view or even to party at the top of the  hill.