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Since 1987, we have regularly and reliably serviced and provided for a growing number of customers. Today, we are a sound, solid company, with more than 150 dedicated, experienced and well-trained employees.

The complexity of tasks varies greatly, and the quality of the final service stands out immediately. Therefore, we provide all of our services through a specially developed quality assurance concept. 

Knowledge and experience
Our years of experience have given us great insight and knowledge into our areas of expertise. Close technical collaboration with Europe’s leading producers in the anti-graffiti surface coating and our cleaning services are always to our customers’ benefit.

Through creative thinking and innovation, we are constantly working to innovate in our field, often in close collaboration with out customers – from product development to working methods.

Customer service
We love offering good services and we love having returning customers. Therefore, we work tirelessly to provide our customers with satisfying, positive experiences – a process that never stops.

Environmentally friendly products
We use low-impact and environmentally friendly products. In unusual and complex cases, we use chemicals which are biodegradable within 24 hours.