White impregnation protects and improves tunnels in Køge, Denmark

The hospital in Køge is expanding. This leads to more traffic which is the reason why one of the most heavily trafficked roads, Stensbjergvej, will soon have four lanes.

Traffic under the road
To make pedestrians and cyclists use the two tunnels below Stensbjergvej, the municipality of Køge has decided to make all the surfaces free from graffiti and protect the walls with a white impregnation.

All Remove has cleaned the concrete walls and ceilings in both tunnels and afterwards impregnated the surfaces with Faceal Color in basic white.

Safe to take the tunnel
In general tunnels can easily seem dark and dangerous, especially in the winter when the daylight is limited.

But thanks to the white color in the tunnels the passageways is now more comfortable, inviting pedestrians and cyclists to take the tunnel whenever they need to pass the road.