Matt floor impregnation to cultural lighthouse in North Jutland

Since the Vendsyssel Theater first opened its doors in January 2017, the place has been a dynamo for cultural life in the area.

Sold out shows and lots of visits from schools and businesses have attracted thousands of visitors into the rust red building, designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects.

Spotless reputation from Dokk1
However, lots of people also mean wear and tear on the theater's concrete floors - which already can be difficult to keep clean with so much activity.

Fortunately, the good rumors from All Remove's floor coverings in Dokk1 was spread all the way Hjørring, and therefore the theater decided to protect approx. 1,000 m2 concrete floor with Faceal Matlook.

First the floor, then other tasks
All Remove started out by protecting the most commonly used floors in the theater building. The solution has made the floors more durable both in the busy café area, on the walkways in the corridors and at the suppliers entrance.

Subsequently, there were several other tasks where All Remove could help. Among other things, outside the building graffiti was cleaned on a neighboring property and several exposed places were impregnated.