With increasing corona infection in several places in the country, thorough cleaning and disinfection have now become crucial again. In All Remove, we have more focus on the area than ever before.

Everything seemed like it was going so well. But then the infection began to spread again. At the same time, autumn is lurking around the corner and threatening to bring people more inside. Now it is crucial, there is proper focus on cleaning.

Spot the risk points
In All Remove, our cleaning consultants have already helped several companies spot all risk points in their businesses.

It is about finding out which contact surfaces may be to blame for infection. And there are many: table surfaces, door handles and railings. Phones, keyboards and tablets. Wall switches and elevator buttons. One could go on. And yes, the soap dispenser itself needs to be cleaned as well.

Once the risk points have been identified, we then make a thorough cleaning plan that takes into account the new danger zones.

New methods
Although it may sound extensive, sometimes only small measures need to be implemented to reduce the risk of infection.

At one of our customers, for example, we have introduced a simple control and marking solution to ensure that all desks are constantly cleaned and disinfected after use.

High priority
Cleaning has often been an area where savings could be made. But not anymore. Now cleaning and disinfection are at the top of the list. Contact us if one of our consultants needs to provide an assessment of the cleaning in your company.