Concrete glazing fixes the facade of Scandic Hotel in Stockholm

There are almost 30 Scandic hotels in Stockholm, but the Scandic Continental, in the heart of the Swedish capital, stands out from the others.

Not only is the location right across the Stockholm Central Station, but this is also an architectural prestige building with close to 400 rooms, 25 conference rooms, an overall modern interior and stunning views from the four floors of the building.

The fiber concrete had the wrong color
The hotel was designed by 3XN architects and was completed in 2016. The architecture is abstract with unusual angles and a variety of tall windows of different sizes. The building is lined with polished marble polygons that give the facade a nice and rough expression.

Around the building and across the entrance there is fiber concrete footing, which, however, differed greatly from the rest of the bright building. The fiber concrete had a sad yellow color which had to be corrected.

Not possible with paint
Plain paint could not solve the problem. A thick layer of paint would have resulted in a too "flat" surface and would not have created the level of transparency that was needed. Therefore, Strabag Projektutveckling AB, following the recommendation of 3XN architects, chose to contact All Remove in Denmark, which had solved many similar issues with concrete glazing.

After a treatment with three layers of concrete glazing, the color on the footing matched the marble polygons on the rest of the building.

In addition to a uniform color, the treatment also protects the fiber concrete by making it dirt-resistant, which is especially beneficial in a big city where pollution from traffic easily sneaks in and sticks to the concrete.

The task was completed by providing the entire lower part of the building with anti-graffiti protection up to 3 meters in height. Therefore, the Scandic Continental facade has now been lifted and protected.