In the real world, a building project can end up being considerably different than planned by the architect. In fact that was what happened at Hafnartorg in Reykjavík where the contractor was unpleasantly surprised. 

Concrete surface way too bright
When the founding took place at the construction site something in the process apparently went wrong. The concrete wasn’t as dark as it it was supposed to be and once the elements had been installed, the building appeared bright rather than dark.

Concrete glaze restores the colors
Fortunately, such problems are fixable by glazing the concrete. All Remove has already evened out color differences in many concrete surfaces, amongst others Geiserne in Horsens and Highlander III in Skanderborg.

From a lift we applied to layers of concrete glaze including impregnation, Faceal Color, in the true dark grey color – exactly as the architects planned it. Now, the new building in Reykjavík is not only dark and stylish, but also protected.